Hourly IT Services

Is your business ready for the new economy that is coming and need some IT consulting? Handing those tasks over to the wrong person can be costly and devastating to say the least. We have a long list of customers as a reference for you to talk too to prove that we are the most trustworthy and dependable service company in your area. Not everyone is a good fit but…

The cost of IT staff, whether that is a single technician or all the way up to CIO level management, can be expensive. It is mostly time consuming, getting someone up to speed. Instead of taking that step, why not contract a specialist that has been there and done that. We can provide everything you need and our drive is to make you successful.

Are you offloading IT tasks on to employees that do not have the expertise you need? Our dependable and personable IT services can get you moving forward much faster and cheaper than hiring someone.

We offer a professional and friendly team of experts to help with your everyday hourly IT services in the St. Augustine, Palatka, Jacksonville area.

IT services that Augustine Computer Services can provide you:

  • Disaster Preparedness– not only are we there when your business needs help recuperating from a disaster, we can help train your team to help prevent the next one
  • Custom PCs– Because the computer market is constantly changing, we decided to get into custom builds to address high end desktop needs for CAD, publishing and graphics. This not only saves you money but adds a level of dependability because we use proven parts.
  • Software training and support– Anyone can install applications on a PC but we pride ourselves in helping you learn how to use that software to it’s fullest.
  • Network design – Your networks requires more detail when you add things like a file server, a NAS, how about VoIP, Wireless! If you do not set these up correctly, you will have problems. Why not have a professional set things up so that you don’t have those failures “Unexpectedly”. Call us today to see how our affordable, professional services can help you grow your business.
  • VoIP – We are a 3CX shop but our VoIP experience covers all forms. We can procure, implement and manage all forms of PBX software and equipment to get you an efficient phone system.
  • AntiVirus – We sell and support EMSIsoft, BitDefender and WebRoot. All 3 of the top AV solutions.
  • Wireless backup connections – The hurricanes that hit the North East Florida area in 2016 and 2017 proved that none of the ISPs could keep consistent connectivity to the businesses. Fiber and Wireless solutions were the least affected. Because of this we have implemented dual WAN solutions for the customers that need uninterrupted internet access.